Weekend Bathroom Refresh

Weekend Bathroom Refresh

Hi there! It is has been wayyy too long since I have written a blog post, but full disclosure: my first trimester sucked the life out of me. Literally – I think I died. The good news is that baby and I are both thriving and this little nugget has given me some of my energy back! I have started making mental notes of everything I want to get done before this kid arrives and that means tackling some home projects.

When we first moved in, this heinous metal shelving system was already in my bathroom – drilled into the wall! I always said it would be one of the first pieces to go but there we were, one year later and I was still looking at this atrocious piece.

To me, a bathroom should be a calming space. This is where I soak in bubble baths, refresh myself for the day and unwind for the night. This means that I don’t want to be looking at paper towels and cleaning supplies while I zen out with my bath bombs.  Alas, let the shelving makeover commence!

This quick shelving makeover was one of the quickest home projects we did, and it had such a big impact in changing the feel of our bathroom. Instead of cleaning supplies and products on display, there are fluffy clean towels and stress relief candles. Instead of extra paper towels taking up space, there’s extra toilet paper (in a cute basket of course) and a faux lavender plant. Bonus points for clearing space in my linen closet by displaying towels!

I’ll admit, I had no part in installing the shelves (get them here), but the hubby did the job in about two hours; and they only cost around $15 a piece! They don’t allow too much room for décor but I threw in a few little touches for good measure. As this is our “master bathroom”, I try to stick with spa-like scents like eucalyptus and lavender (this one is amazing) while saving the pumpkin spice candles for my living room.

If your bathroom is in need of a little refresh, or you need a change and cant afford a full blown bathroom reno, I hope this gives you some inspo to tackle the job.


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