Fun Fact: My Birthday was June 21, which is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. I consider my birthday a bragging right of sorts; it’s the start of the hottest season and the longest day of the year. As I get older, I find my summers going by too fast with little time to actually do “summer things”.  Days spent in the office seriously cut into my beach days…the nerve.

Now that I have this handy dandy blog, I’m using it as an opportunity to put my intentions out there, with the hope of actually accomplishing some of them! I kept the list short and realistic so that it’s attainable. Read and comment below with some of your summer bucket list items!

  1. Go to the beach…at least twice. Depending on where you live, this may not seem like a big deal. But seriously, I live 20 minutes from the beach and I NEVER GO. I blame it on the beautiful backyard oasis that is my parents’ home and the fact that I’m more of a “pool girl”. TBH, the beach can be a real fiasco. The sand is hot and bathroom options are limited. Still, days spent at the beach are always fun and should be embraced way more often.
  2. Have a backyard clambake. This is a biggie for me. I wanted to do this last year but never got around to it. Living in Rhode Island for 3 years left me with an affinity towards clambakes, and I want to eventually master the art of hosting one each summer! Clams, lobster, potatoes, corn – YES. Of course the bucket list item about food is climbing to the top of my list…
  3. Garden: last year was my first time trying my hand at the whole green thumb thing. My zucchinis died and some sort of critter ate all my tomatoes. Hopefully round 2 will be better…any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Get out on the water in some way: boat, kayak, whatever!
  5. Camping…maybe? The hubby and I went camping last year and it was so much fun, although definitely a lot of work! It took a lot to plan and pack everything we needed, but my guess is the more you do it the easier that gets. It was nice to unplug and get outdoors for the weekend – plus it’s something different!

Ok that’s it because anything more will be overwhelming! Don’t forget to share below some of your summer goals. Oh, and love my Harry Potter ring? I know I know, me too. I’m linking it below along with other pieces from Alex and Ani’s adorable collection!


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