Showering Baby Acker

Showering Baby Acker
Baby Daddy
My Mama – the woman behind the Shower!

I am so excited to share the details of my baby shower! My mother organized and decorated the whole thing, and in true Italian Mom fashion, she totally nailed it. I didn’t want anything to “theme-y” so we went with teddy bears! I just love traditional teddies (they’re so cute!) and figured ya cant go wrong with a classic teddy.

First thing first, my dress! I loved my dress and was so glad I stumbled upon it while helping my mom search for hers. I had tried soooo many maternity options but didn’t love any of them. This one is non-maternity…I had to size up about 3-4 sizes to cover the bump but I think it worked out. Oh, and of course the shoes…I was nervous these heels would destroy me but they were so comfy and I kept them on all day!

We did the shower as a brunch so there was a TON of food. Champagne – obviously … Lots of muffins, bagels and fruit – then we moved on omelet stations and plenty of hot food from chicken to pasta!

My favorite part was the entrance table with the big teddy on top of the baby blocks – my mom made the whole thing! The seating cards were on mini honey jars – obviously in a bear shape and made for each guest to take home. The actual favors were little Esos lip balms with the cutest tags!

My next favorite items were the centerpieces, which again, my mom made. Each outfit was practical and personal to me and Casey from the Penn State and Buffalo football outfits to his adorable going home outfit. A note on these outfits… my mom and I made them yearsss ago for my cousins shower and I have recreated them as gifts at friends showers as well. The little girl ones can be so cute! The fun part is buying all the nic nacs that go along with the theme of the outfit.

We had a few quick games – I didn’t want too many, just a few quick ones to pass the time and get everyone involved. Of course a “guess how many gummy bears” game because…bears, duh. There was also a basket of little props for some photos – just cute little touches all around!

Everyone was SO generous with their gifts and I could not be more grateful. Friends and family definitely spoiled Baby Acker and some guests even spoiled me! Such a cute gift idea to get something for the mama, I was gifted things like a cozy robe, button down jammies and socks with grippies for the hospital. My sister in law got me THESE adorable ones for labor!

I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts (both high and low price range) in case you are wondering what to register for or where to start. Of course I can’t speak to whether or not they will be useful but I am trusting advice of other moms and of course, google.

  1. UppaBaby Vista Stroller – I got the navy blue color which I am personally pumped about. I love navy and think its a classic color for both a boy or girl! After plenty of stroller research and test driving some of these out – we rolled the dice that this would be worth the money. Plus, it converts to a double for when baby #2 comes along πŸ™‚
  2. Travel Bottle WarmerTHIS ONE was a recommendation from a mom friend. A little to-go thermos in case you’re out an about and need to warm up a cold bottle or frozen bag .
  3. Rock and Play – so obviously I don’t know if my baby will even love this, BUT I had to include it for any future mamas. I initially did not register for one and every. single. one. of my mom friends texted me that I needed to… so… I did. I like that it’s lightweight and folds up flat so I can bring it downstairs or upstairs easily with no problem!
  4. Cashmere Romper: I mean… who could knock baby’s first cashmere? I get it, its totally not necessary but this little outfit is to die for and so soft for baby.
  5. Graco 7 in 1 High Chair: I haven’t even used this thing but it looks SO COOL. It literally transitions into SEVEN different functions. I cant wait to try it out and share my reviews.

Now that the showering is over, time to move on to the nursery, which is something I have been looking forward to doing and I cant wait to share the end result! Only 6 more weeks to go! xoxo

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