My Experience with Tula Skincare

My Experience with Tula Skincare

As I ease through my early 30’s, I am taking note of things that deserve a tad more attention than they did in my 20’s – like skincare.

A bit of background about my skin – the past year (for whatever reason) my skin went through a lot of changes. It was becoming way more oily and I was forever blotting my face after 2 pm. After becoming pregnant, the oily-ness subsided but then breakouts started – thank you hormones.  It was NOT FUN.  Over the past year I was trying different regimens from Clinique to Dermalogica. A note on clinique; I really do like their products – I just stopped using them because I didn’t know if they were the culprit to  my new found oily skin. I then tried dermalogica for a few months and did not care much for the products (or the prices). 

I digress….and by the way, this post is in no way sponsored – just my honest opinions.

If you follow me along on Instagram, I shared a few months ago that I purchased a trial kit for TULA Skincare. You can find the exact one HERE.
Also, if you don’t feel like reading through my whole post, I list the top two things I noticed after using these products for a few months at the end.

Back to TULA…I had been seeing the products all over Instagram and many other bloggers swearing by the way their skin looks thanks to TULA. Fast forward a month and a half, I went through my entire trial size order and absolutely loved them! I am now officially on my first round of full sized products. They have a number of different products AND different lines (i.e. some for acne); I would definitely like to try out some other goodies but for now…whatever came in the trial package is working.

OK, so here’s what came in the trial kit and what I’m currently workin with…

  1. The Purifying Cleanser (one thing I noticed is that it removes makeup better than my previous cleansers – my white towels thank me for it).
  2. Toner: Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel: love this! removes dead skin, reduces pore size and hydrates. Yes and yes.
  3. Oil Free Gel Cream: A note on the moisturizer – it is a GEL BASED moisturizer. I stuck with this because I happen to like the gel based creams – I used the clinque gel cream and loved that one as well. They are lightweight and don’t have a thick oily feel like some other moisturizers. They have a thicker cream that I do want to try that eventually, especially for nighttime use. But for now, I am going with the gel for everyday ease.  
  4. Exfoliating Treatment Mask: I have definitely incorporated masks into my weekly regimen and notice a change when I stop using them. I attribute a lot of the “smoothness” I noticed to using the mask at least once a week.
  5. BONUS PRODUCT: this past week I also ordered these Exfoliating Facial Pads. I only did one round and at first, did not love how it felt afterwards…a little sticky in my opinion. But when I washed my face the following morning my skin was definitely a little smoother/brighter after only one use.

What I noticed: I noticed two major differences after using these products

1.       Complexion: my complexion is definitely clearer and more even; and

2.       Smoothness: When I wash my face, it feels smooth. I no longer feel little bumps or breakouts, which I attribute to both the mask and .

Like I said, this post is not sponsored in any way, I purchased these products and  have been trying them out for weeks and am giving my honest review. All the products are linked above in the list and below through images. I would love to know if you give any of these products a try, so leave a comment or reach out on instagram…dont be shy!


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