Happy Spring everyone! This year we decided to host Easter Brunch and it was a complete success! The weather decided to warm up so everyone got to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine…and then it snowed the next morning… Mother Nature has an at-ti-tude. Anywho, I am excited to share the details of brunch and our colorful little tablescape.

Since guests see our table as soon as they enter, I wanted a bright and springy table to give guests warm welcome. I think the yellow tulips really popped and were a nice “ooooo” factor upon entering.

Normally, I would not use paper plates for a holiday, but I topped each dish with a colored paper plate for an extra pop, and also if there was an overflow of food on anyone’s main plate. #italianpeopleproblems. Each napkin had a ribbon to tie in the colorful scheme; sweet and simple.

The menu was courtesy of my bestie, who is basically a modern Ina Garten. She told me when making a brunch menu, follow the following guidelines:

1. Something sweet

2. Something savory

3. Side 1

4. Side 2

5. Fruit

When creating our menu I used her guidelines, plus a few yummy recipes which I will share below. Here’s what we served:

1. Blueberry French toast casserole: courtesy of Deliciously Yum

2. Ham (I used bone in, about 9 lbs for 11 people)

3. Biscuits and gravy (used 2lbs of Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage and pillsbury biscuits)

4. Breakfast Potatoes w/ chopped peppers and onions

5. Berry salad with Mascarpone cream: courtesy of Carls Bad Cravings

6. Egg Muffins

Ok I added a sixth item but in my defense, I’m Italian and am bred to think there is NEVER enough food. The great thing about this menu is that A LOT can be done the night before. My in laws stayed with us all weekend, so the night before Easter my MIL and I got to chopping and mixing. On Sunday morning, all there was to do was pop things in the oven or reheat (for the most part).

The fruit salad was a big hit and a few people mentioned it was nice to have a “refreshing” dish on the table amongst some heavier items (cough cough, sausage gravy).

Also, because brunch is a little early, I didn’t prepare any appetizers. My mom brought pizza rustica, which people snacked on; and I set up mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar in the kitchen. For those of you who don’t know, pizza rustica is an Italian meat pie we have during Easter. It’s a delicious pie made of ricotta, cheeses and cured meats in between a double crust. YUM.

To close, I think the best tip I received was from my Mom (obviously). DISCLAIMER: when she told me, I thought she was crazy-but it ended up being a lifesaver!

TIP: A day or two before your event, take out all the serving dishes and utensils you are going to use and label them with a post it/scrap of paper with what you will be serving in each dish.

This took less than a minute and instead of scrambling the day of and trying to remember what dish goes in what platter, everything was laid out and ready to go!

If you have any questions on recipes or anything else, leave a comment below or DM on Instagram @trialsofathirtysomething… Mother’s Day will be here soon enough and these recipes would be perfect to stretch your hostess muscles!

Also, my easter skirt was SO comfy and the perfect piece to play hostess and welcome a new season!

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