February Beauty Favorites

February Beauty Favorites

Hi All! The countdown to baby Acker has officially begun as we are now in the birth month (hopefully)! With less energy to shop, cook, or decorate – my make up vanity has become my saving grace these past few weeks. With my ever-changing body and the whole “looking like a basketball is under your shirt” thing…it feels good to keep up with some basic hair and makeup maintenance. naturally, I made a pit stop at Ulta and Sephora to stock up on some faves, but also try a few new items! Side Note: after breaking my vanity chair (yes that’s right, sat on it and broke – shameful) I purchased THIS pretty pink velvet seat from Target.

Even though I have my tried and true favorite products, I am always looking for something new to spice it up. Below are some new purchases that I am loving and hope you will too!

Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Balm: On any given day I am probably carrying around multiple chapsticks, lip liner, lipstick, and 1-2 glosses (and that’s if I have recently cleaned out my makeup bag). I am always reapplying throughout the day so I don’t want to sit at my desk fumbling with a lip liner and lipstick every 3 hours. This stick does double duty ladies! It’s a lip balm AND comes in a broad range of colors from sheer to deep red tones.

BOTTOM LINE: doubles as balm and color, perfect for that last minute morning step or a mid-afternoon swipe on!

Ouai Finishing Creme: truth be told, I was never big on hair products, but with my new shorter hair, I’ve been branching out to try new things. I’ve heard great reviews about the brand Ouai, so I picked up this cream for that effortless/texturized kind of finish.

First of all, this stuff smells UNREAL…like…that “just left the hair salon” kind of smell. Its great to use as a finish on your ends and I like to tame any flyaways with it as well. It can be a tad heavy, so I try not to use too much when I straighten my hair – but still use it to tame those unruly pieces.

BOTTOM LINE: smells amazing, can be a little heavy, great for adding texture while providing hold. Perfect for waves!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer. If you have been following along for little while, you know one of my OG products is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. That stuff is the real deal ladies. However, the color I have is getting a little too dark now that my summer tan is long gone, so I figured I would pick up a new product in the meantime. Of course I purchase shade too light for my skin, so to manage, I have been mixing this Bare Minerals one with my IT Cosmetics cream.

I did use the Bare Minerals cream on its own a few times and I must say, it does the job well. The coverage is not as heavy as the IT Cosmetics product or an actual foundation, but it also a lighter feel which is refreshing, and it still provides great coverage. Plus, it has SPF, which I always welcome in a moisturizer. This is a great product for when you feel lazy and need to get out the door but also don’t want to look like death. You feel me?

BOTTOM LINE: Moderate but good coverage, lightweight, reasonable price – great for everyday wear or a one step fix.

  • BUXOM Look at Me Best Seller Lip Duo: I am definitely a gloss lover – but as usual I play favorites and have been scraping the bottom of my Dior tube for weeks now. So obvi I hit up the mini section in Sephora (gets me every time), and snagged this set from Buxom. With a mini combo of two of their best sellers, I’m gonna shoot straight for my bottom line here because this was an immediate love affair.

BOTTOM LINE: get yourself a set girl! love both colors – great on their own and for layering over each other OR a lipstick. Stays put, plumps, stays shiny!

TULA Hydrating Day &Night Cream: Ok this one you cannot get at your local beauty store BUT it’s easily accessible online. I recently starting using TULA products and am obsessed! Their face wash is great, I cant live without their toner, hand now I am branching out and trying a new moisturizer. I usually use their gel based moisturizer (see it HERE); but with the polar vortex in full effect, I recently purchased this day and night moisturizer. I haven’t been using it long enough for a full review buttttt so far so good! My biggest pet peeves with day/night moisturizer is that they can be too heavy or greasy under makeup. This one layers nicely for daytime, yet still feels like a great overnight product for that dry winter skin.

BOTTOM LINE: medium price ($50ish); offers discounts on first time orders, heavy enough for night but light enough to wear under makeup, none greasy feel.

That’s all for now, I’d love to know if you give any of these a try so feel free to let me know and go be your own damn Valentine and treat yourself!

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