We are almost through the month of February and I feel like this month is flying by! February can be a funky month though, the weather is still cold yet we get hints of Spring trying to fight its way through. Everyone is struggling with winter blues and trying to think happy thoughts. Sooooo, in the spirit of happy thoughts, I am sharing 5 things making me happy right now.

  1. Spring Vibes – this one is obvious. With the winter blues in full swing, thoughts of warmer weather and spring outfits has me thinking all the happy thoughts. Markets have fresh flowers out and stores are starting to display their Spring and Summer clothing. I got a little ahead of myself this weekend and took out a few Easter decorations-I can’t get enough of those little bunnies. Don’t judge, it cheers me up!
  2. My Riverdale obsession: guilty pleasure alert! If you guys are looking for a new show to binge that is reminiscent of your Gossip Girl days, look no further. A bunch of teens in a small town solving mysteries amidst their own high school drama and love triangles? Count. Me. In. I admit, it’s one of those “so bad that it’s good” kind of shows…but I’m hooked.
  3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray – if you have read any of my beauty posts, you know I have an obsession with face waters. This facial spray with aloe and rosewater is no exception. It smells amazing and makes my face feel oh-so-refreshed. If you’re feeling dull I highly recommend a spritz…or two.
  4. “Let Me Go” by Hailee Steinfeld and Florida Georgia Line: this song give me alllll the happy feelings. If you don’t know this about me, I LOVE me some country music and also, Pitch Perfect 4 Life; so I will give anything with Hailee Steinfeld a chance. This song puts me in a great mood and has me thinking what the big songs of this Summer will be…
  5. Blush Tones: I think it was all the Valentine’s Day vibes, but I am having a major Blush moment. Even though it is technically Pink, the color blush is a bit more soft and feminine than juvenile. In fact, I am working on a bedroom refresh that’s going to include some blush touches – stay tuned.

If you find yourself stuck in a winter rut…jot down a few things making YOU happy right now. It can be as simple as your favorite song or snack (…speaking of which, I probably should’ve put Nutella on my list). Big or small, focusing on a few happy thoughts will brighten your day and get you excited for the warmer days ahead. Xoxo.


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